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Are You Tired Of Being A Landlord?

Want to Receive a Guaranteed Monthly Rent?

As a Landlord or a property owner, you want a safe and secure way of renting out your property without the pitfalls of problem tenants, maintenance issues, rent arrears, and weeks or months with an empty property and no rent!

Our Guaranteed Rent Service removes all of these issues by guaranteeing your rent which you will receive each and every month for the duration of our agreement.

There are many advantages to be gained from partnering with us in our guaranteed rent service, including savings on letting agent commission, and administration fees.

You can be reassured that we will take care of your valuable asset, and handle everything from property maintenance to dealing with tenants, leaving you to carry on with your life while still receiving a guaranteed monthly rent from anywhere between three and five years.

Our guaranteed rent service is popular with all kinds of property owners and landlords, so If you're looking to receive a steady income from your property but don't want the hassle, this could be the perfect solution for you. You will have no cost's to pay, and no monthly deductions - just peace of mind, and the knowledge that you will receive a guaranteed payment into your account each, and every month.

How Does Guaranteed Rent Work?

We effectively become your tenant, and manage the property on your behalf after agreeing an acceptable rent with you which guarantees you a fixed rental income. We then let the rooms within the property to vetted working tenants, and pay for the utilities, council tax, professional cleaning and maintenance of the property.

If the tenants stop paying, decide to leave without notice, damage the property or force us to take an eviction order to remove them, WE take the financial burden – NOT YOU. We continue to pay you the agreed monthly rent regardless!

Is This Legal - Won't I Be Subletting My Property? 

Absolutely not, although this is a common misconception, and is usually voiced by those with little understanding of Guaranteed Rent or it's history or longevity.

We are a fully compliant company regulated by UK law, and as long as the original landlord and their mortgage provider are informed and the correct insurance is in place, guaranteed rent management is entirely legitimate.

The fact is that Guaranteed Rent has been around for well over twenty years. It is regulary used by the Government and local Councils to house excess tenants, and is steadily becoming more and more mainstream as landlords understand how it can benefit them.

How Long Is The Guaranteed Rental Agreement For?

A minimum of 36 months is all we ask for, with the flexibility of renewing the agreement on a rolling basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Guaranteed Rent?

  • Guaranteed monthly income
  • We pay you rent even if the property is empty
  • No agent management fees to pay
  • No tenant finding fees to pay
  • No voids to worry about
  • No repair costs (Except structural issues)
  • No monthly agent commissions to pay
  • No tenants to deal with
  • No worries....just sit back and receive your monthly rent!

If you’re the owner of a minimum 3 bedroom property wanting long-term guaranteed monthly rent without the hassle of having to deal with the property or tenants yourself, then contact us today to arrange an informal appraisal without obligation.


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