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Unable to Sell?

Although you may prefer to sell, some vendors may not be able to offer their property because of a high mortgage level or even negative equity, in which case we can help you by making use of a strategy which offers a flexible way for you to move on now, and sell your property at a point in the future.

In most cases we can tailor a number of solutions to suit your specific circumstance, and can move very quickly once we have viewed the property and agreed terms.

We can help in difficult situations such as:

  • Negative equity
  • Loss of employment
  • Divorce or seperation
  • Job relocation
  • Pending repossession
  • Moving abroad
  • Rising personal debt
  • Health issues

Benefits to you are:

  • Receive the current market value
  • Your mortgage will be paid
  • Continue owning your property
  • You can move on with your life
  • Have peace of mind


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