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  • The current best area's to invest £500k in property

    Navigating the UK property market from an investment point of view can be a task in itself, but in the midst of a pandemic and market instability it can seem overwhelming. So where do you start? The latest research by the peer to peer lending platform, Sourced Capital, has taken… read more

  • New Guidence On Moving Home

      Anyone in England can now move home as long as health guidance can be followed. This applies to both renters and buyers. The law previously only allowed moving home if you had reasonable grounds for doing so at this time. That restriction was necessary and appropriate at the time,… read more

  • House prices forcast to drop 13% this year

    The housing market is expected to fall by up to a sixth as thousands of Britons lose their jobs. Yorkshire and East Anglia are expected to be the hardest hit with house prices dropping 16.5 per cent this year. Next come the North-West and West Midlands with 16 per cent… read more

  • Coronavirus: Pressure builds for landlords to give tenants rent holidays

    Tenants who contract the coronavirus or who are forced to self-isolate and therefore cannot work should not have to pay their rent, say leading campaign groups. Landlords are facing increasing pressure from poverty campaigners and tenants’ groups to offer vulnerable renters who are unable to work after contracting the Coronavirus… read more

  • Property industry reacts to the Budget

    On a day where the Bank of England dramatically stole the thunder from newly appointed Chancellor Rishi Sunak, we take a look at what today’s Coronavirus dominated budget had to offer the housing industry. With so much being needed to be done for key areas such as health, education, infrastructure… read more

  • Home ownership amongst young people up after a decade of decline

    The proportion of 25 to 34 year olds who own their own home in England has risen for the first time in over a decade. There are now as many owner occupiers in this age range as there are private renters according to the government’s annual English Housing Survey. It… read more